USB-Chipcard reader

With the standard installation of EN-Track, both USB and RS232 drivers for the old Towitoko reader as well as the USB driver for the new chipcard reader (white)  will be installed. When during installation a warning message appears that the driver is not Cerified by Microsoft, hit the Continu button.
If you want to (re-)install the drivers manually, make use of your installation-CD. After re-starting the CD, you will find an installation-possibility at the bottom of the installation-menu, to install the necessary software to use a USB-chipcard reader.
After installation, please restart EN-Track and the installation is a fact.

Is it possible to mount a pulley on a wooden or plaster wall?

No, as the pulling power can be too high, there is a possibility that the pulley will be released from the wall, with all its consequences.

How can EN-Track be installed in a network environment

The standard directory is “[c:\program files\enraf-nonius\entrackv6\database]”.
In case you want to use EN-Track in an network environment you need to do the following:
- on one of the computers a shared resource needs to be created.
- on all other PC's this location should be used as the database directory. The location resourcename should be entered manually in accordance with the following format: UNC of the resource: \\[PC_NAME]\[RESOURCE NAME]


The name of the  PC is REHABPRACTICE and the share-name of the database directory
“c:\Program Files\Enraf-Nonius\EnTrack\Database”

In that case the UNC name will be: “\\PRAKTIJK\DB_ENTRACK”
This name should be entered in all EN-Track programmes that will use this database (so even the program that is installed at the same machine as the database itself!)

The network function under a Windows 2000 or XP Prof. operating system.
For more information about networkresources and terminology we refer to the Windows Help function on internet connections.


If you are already using the EN/track program, the following steps are advised:
Make a backup of the database through the EN-Track program
Remove the EN-Track software via the Windows configuration option `Remove-Install software`.  If seperatly install, alos remove the drivers for the Towitoko chipcard reader
Remove the reader from the USB (or RS232) port.
Reboot the PC
Install EN-Track. maybe a warning apears saying the driver software is not certified by Microsoft. Choose the option to continu.
Connect cardreaders. (maybe you must confirme the installation of the hardware drivers)
note: If you use a serial cardreader, then after installation and connection of this reader, you must Re-Boot the PC again.

Why is it not possible to install the air-tubes underneath the floor?

This is to prevent the formation of condence on the lowest level. There is a possibility that this condence, in combination with the always present syntatic oil, will eat into the tubes and cause leakage. Because of this, the compressor will work permanently and will overheat. Due to this the compressor will get broken and has to be replaced.

Installation of 6.x about version 4.x

An old 4.x installation will never be overwritten by the installation of a EN-Track v6 version.
After the installation of EN-Track V6, the user is asked if the old v4 data must be used in the new version. In this case, the v4.x database is copied into the new v6 database folder.
At first startup of EN-Track V6, the v4 tables are converted to the new structure of EN-Track v6.

Not only a software upgrade on P.C.-level is necessary, but also an upgrade on equipment-level. The EEPROM IC's of all EN-Dynamic devices have to be replaced to make it possible to communicate with the new EN-Track release.