EN-Track doesn't start up, so that a spare copy can't be put back

After a "heavy PC-crash" or after installation of conflicting programs, it sometimes happens the database is corrupted. This causes problems to start up EN-Track. To start up EN-Track with an "empty" database, you should do the following:

Remove only the database files, and reinstall the back-up. Remove all files and subdirectories from the database folder to a different folder ( for example C:\Old database\fill in the name) The standard database location is C:\Program Files\Enraf-Nonius\/EN-Trackv6/database). Start EN-Track. New empty database files are created

Put back the back-up. Menu: Extra -> Database -> put back spare-copy

If EN-Track does not start without error codes after the first step, remove EN-Track first, to re-install it again.